Mishaps & Ominous Ordeals Neutralizing System of High Operational Toughness(MOONSHOT)
Call ID & Topic: SU-DRS02-2018-2019-2020 Technologies for first responders

With a vision to build a versatile, future-ready, privacy preserving, user-centric, cross-sector First Responder (FR) Operating System (FROS) for disaster-resilient societies that homogenizes the heterogeneous field of FR for keeping FRs & victims protected, informed & connected, MOONSHOT's mission is to build, test & validate FROS for 2 generic & 1 EMS use-case. The FROS interconnects various pieces of FR network, providing a seamless & secure exchange between different FR modules to deliver the 5 cardinal features of an ideal FR ecosystem: 1) Victim’s Health & 2) FR's Health monitored with wearable sensors that measure vitals in real time, 3) Speed & connectivity between victim, FRs & peers, 4) Privacy of victim & 5) Onsite First-Aid for the victims.

Built on the principle of "Transmit then Transfer," MOONSHOT wearable device platform provides a complete FR ecosystem addressing all the 5 generic FR needs across all the different types of FR scenarios across sectors, and facilitating seamless operation of any third party FR app or tool in an easy to implement plug-n-play fashion. MOONSHOT thus serves as world's first FROS for all third party apps extending privacy, security & interoperability by default to all apps that run on & become part of the ecosystem. All apps running on FROS, inherit "Transmit then Transfer" protocol by default.

As a proof of easy third party integration of FR tools, MOONSHOT tests & validates an in-transit EMS ambulance device for mitigating cardiac emergencies. The project also validates 2 generic features, viz. always-on connectivity, and zero delay pre-hospital automated triage (PHAT).

MOONSHOT components are under development in at least 2 H2020 funded projects (XENO & COVID), & 2 projects currently under review. 16 partners from 9 countries with the experience of 761 EU-funded projects combined, bring the diverse expertise feeding into the development of the MOONSHOT ecosystem.